Students Speak

If you call yourself lucky being a part of Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, either you have had the best of hostel experience or you were a part of "The Pilani Band". I am short of words to describe how much I love Pilani Band and everyone associated with it. It is not just about marching on Rajpath, but the whole struggle to get there, is what makes this journey an everlasting memory.
The endeavor wherein, passion and dedication never fade, unity and support never fall short, hard-work and practices have no limits and enjoyment and achievements touch the sky, is one such journey that makes one realize her potential and stands as her strength for years henceforth. I always had a fascination towards the "Pilani Band" and once I became a part of it, there was no turning back. Every single practice, every single band-mate, every single display, every single comment and every single compliment has made me learn so much that now I cannot help but think about the band everyday that I tasted this 'once in a lifetime opportunity'.
From Republic Day Camp to IPSC, we didn't leave any stone unturned and brought unprecedented laurels to the institution. All this would have been non-existent without the constant support of Principal Ma'am, Savita Ma'am, Rajkumar Sir and others to follow. Rajkumar Sir holds the credit for believing in us and making every possible effort to help us through. 51 girls of Band are the essence of the band and are always ready with their instruments playing their heart out.
Now when I stand and think of those times, I realize that if there's anything I crave for right now is to have a roll call, get all my band girls together and march along the swaying tunes.
I still draw so much inspiration from those days and can go any lengths to watch our band play. Even now when I hear any instrument being played anywhere, I get goose bumps recalling my time. And whenever I wear band sweatshirts at home I feel immense pleasure. Missing the best days of my life!
Blessed to have Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani as my alma mater.
Hope to see Pilani Band reach greater heights every year!
Riddhi Modi
First Band Leader-2013 Republic Day Parade
Pilani Band