Visitors Room & Parent Plaza

The Audio-Visual room is a fully air conditioned room equipped with projectors, sound system and comfortable seats. It serves as a platform for seminars, presentations, small symposiums, panel discussions,guest lectures and is a venue for staff meeting. Moreover, school activities and competitions like multifarius club activities and coscholastic activities are also organised in the AV room.

The salubrious Visitor’s Room near the hostel gate is a grand lobby for parents and the visitors. It is fully air-conditioned and can accommodate nearly thirty visitors at a time. The entire school campus security is monitored by CCTV and this ensures additional security beside the watchmen and security personnel posted at all the strategic locales. The school is nestled in the midst of the panoramic BITS campus which is again monitored by the CCTV and the campus security.

The Parent Plaza is located at the fringe of the school with a watchman who maintains the ledger for the visitors and parents.