Safety & Security

Safety and Security System

The School ensures utmost student safety, security and emergency management for the students. An established Student Safety Policy and Student Safety Committee are in place which ensure the students minimal safety needs in the campus.

  • A two tier security in the campus which includes the BITS Pilani security at the main gate of BITS campus and the next is BBV campus security is a special salient feature of the school.
  • The staff & students are counseled and trained time to time on students safety issues as per guidelines for loss prevention and loss control measures.
  • School ensures all technical expertise to its Security system and all the vulnerable spots are strictly under the CCTV surveillance.
  • Periodical Regulation and monitoring of safety drills.
  • A team of Patrolling guards are on the job 24x7.
  • Safety rules are on display in all the Laboratories, Playgrounds, Swimming pool, Hostels etc.
  • The students are given out-pass only with their parents or Guardians and no other person can telephonically or personally in contact with the child.
  • The students are provided with special Self defense trainings by the Government agencies.
  • The Health and Food safety are being taken care of by an expert team of doctors.
  • There is a Committee in place, to combat child abuse and child protection ensures the child rights.
Boarders’ Health and Wellbeing:
  • A medical examination is carried out on every boarder at the time of admission by the Doctor/Hospital assigned by the school.
  • Annual medical checkup is conducted to ensure Children General Well Being.
  • Parents are appropriately informed about medical conditions of their wards by the Doctor and or by the school.
  • Adequate record of medical conditions and treatments given are maintained.
  • The school has and implements appropriate policies for the care of boarders who are unwell. These include first aid, care of those with chronic conditions and disabilities, dealing with medical emergencies and the use of household remedies.
  • Suitable nursing accommodation, with toilet and washing facilities, is provided in order to cater to the needs of boarding pupils who are sick or injured. The nursing accommodation is adequately staffed by appropriately qualified personnel, adequately separated from other boarders.
  • In addition to the above provision on site, boarders have access to local medical, dental, optometric and other specialist services or provision as deemed necessary as recommended by the Residential Medical Advisor/Doctor.
  • Prescribed medicines are given only to the boarder to whom they are prescribed. Boarders are not allowed to self-medicate themselves unless assessed and recommended by the Residential Medical Advisor/Doctor.
  • The confidentiality and rights of boarders as patients are appropriately respected.
  • The Health Card entry to be initiated on the day of induction of the hostel ward and an Immunization Card of the boarders to be procured from the parents.
  • The parents are informed about the policy of admitting boarder suffering from communicable infection in the isolation ward of the MI Room to prevent transmission of disease to healthy students.
  • Periodical medical checkup for dental and optic health are conducted and the records are maintained in the health card.
  • The fumigation and fogging are done periodically to control insects and mosquitoes.
  • The disinfectants,pesticides and insecticides are kept away the reach of the children under lock and key in the safe custody of some incharge.
Safety of Boarders:
  • The school has a written policy on compliance with relevant health and safety laws which is effectively implemented.
  • The school premises, accommodation and facilities provided therein are maintained to ensure a standard thatis reasonably practicable in ensuring the health, safety and welfare of pupils.
  • The periodical pruning and trimming of trees and clearing of grasses and bushes around the hostel accommodation to be carried out for the safety of the boarders from reptiles and rodents.
Fire Precautions and Drills:
  • The school complies with the Statutory Fire Safety Regulations.
  • In addition, fire drills are regularly (at least once per term) carried out in ‘boarding time.
  • The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on occurrence of fire and fire prevention methods are notified and communicated to students and staff and repeated at intervals.
Child Protection:
The school ensures that:
  • All arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils at the school; and
  • All such arrangements are as per the relevant statutory legislation and guidance.
  • All adults residing in the boarding area and others in contact with the boarders are authorized by the school.