How to reach BBV

How to Reach Pilani

By Rail

The nearest railway stations are Loharu which is 26 km away and Chirawa which is 16 km away from Pilani.

Onwards Journey

Train No./Name Departure Arrival Remarks
22472 – BKN INTERCITY 07:05 Delhi Sarai Rohilla (DEE) 10:12 Loharu(LHU) Runs Daily
14705 – DEE SDLP EXPRES 08:40 Delhi Sarai Rohilla(DEE) 11:42 Loharu(LHU) Sun,Tu,Wed,Th,Fri,Sat
12457 – DEE BKN S F EX 23:35 Delhi Sarai Rohilla(DEE) 02:12 Loharu(LHU) Mon,Th,Sat
22482 – DEE JU SUP 22:25 Delhi Sarai Rohilla(DEE) 01:05 Loharu(LHU) Mon, Thu
Backward Journey
Train No./Name Departure Arrival Remarks
22471 – DEE INTERCITY 14:15 Loharu(LHU) 17:25 Delhi Sarai Rohilla(DEE) Runs Daily
14706 – DEE SDLP EXPRESS 16:55 Loharu(LHU) 20:25 Delhi Sarai Rohilla(DEE) Sun,Mon,Wed,Th,Fri,Sat
12458 – DEE BKN S F EX 03:03 Loharu(LHU) 06:20 Delhi Sarai Rohilla(DEE) Mon,Th,Sat
22481 – JU DEE SUP 02:20 Loharu(LHU) 05:35 Delhi Sarai Rohilla(DEE) Mon, Thu

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By Road

Pilani is 200 km from Delhi and 220 km from Jaipur. Direct buses to Pilani frequently ply from Delhi (ISBT, Kashmiri Gate) and Jaipur (RSRTC Bus Stand, Sindhi Camp). It takes about 4 hours by taxi and 5 hours approx. by bus from both of these two cities to reach Pilani.