The School has a puissant BBV Alumni Association with its well accomplished Alumni in Leadership Roles in the Corporate World, Software Industry, Indian Administrative Services, Entrepreneurship roles, Writers, Scribes, Lawyers, Architects, and Play back singers. Finance Professionals, Doctors, CEOs and Academicians spread across the country and continents. Please refer to our Alumni Blog.

Genesis of BBV Family Tree

Down memory lanes……………………..

BBV established in the year 1941 for primarily empowering the girls of the freedom fighters had its glorious past with just about 25 girls and 8 teachers helmed under the leadership of Mrs. Devaki Upadhyaya blossomed into a progressive and premier residential school of unique distinction in the arid plains of North India. The school located in the golden deserts of the Thar, flanked by the state of Haryana stood tall during all the winds of changes in the school education climate of the country .It had its formidable niche as a School imparting quality holistic education with its multifarious activities like the NCC Band, The NCC, Sports and Athletics, in a secured idyllic pollution free environment.

Why to connect with the BBV Nest?

We have been mulling over the idea of connecting with our Alumni in India and abroad so as to make it a forum to meet up at least once in a year to share their cherished experiences and be a part of the Gen Xchange. The School believes in the rationale of integrating all its Alumni as stakeholders in the evolution of the School to chart its trajectory to greater heights of glory and inspire the new generation of inquisitive minds to create their own distinct 'space, in the competitive environment. We extend a warm and hearty welcome to all our Alumni to join the BBV Genesis Nest to relive, and share the treasured memoirs of growing up in a home away from home, in a secured environment and fete those pillars of the institution, who had unstintingly mentored and groomed them during their formative years of growing up.

Rising Stars of BBV Echelons of excellence

The School has been churning out its talent pool of successful BBVian professionals and Power Women in dynamic capacities viz. Leadership roles, entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, scintillating celebrities, writers, and other luminaries, in almost all the walks of life. Needless to say the chronicles of the successful alumni across the globe stand testimony to the popularity as an acclaimed school of the highest seat of learning reiterating the ethos of learning with humility. The mission of the school is to nurture holistic excellence integrating life skills, core values and competencies in tandem with the best practices in the competitive National education chapter. The need was felt to amalgamate the confluence of alumni power to the broad streams of the new age trails and aspirations. We look forward to an enthusiastic and overwhelming response from you all to make this venture a never ending journey of fulfillment, and joy where the past meets the present and the future vistas by sharing and unfolding a wealth of experiences that become a window to the broader telescopic vision. Bonhomie and Good Luck till We MEET UP!

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