Music, Dance, Art rooms

The Music Room is an expansive room chiming with the sound of sitars, guitars, violins, tablas and harmonium. The well-maintained music hall with all the musical instruments needed by a young performer. Qualified music instructors hone the child’s latent musical talent to excellence on a routine basis.

The Dance rooms are wide rooms fitted with large mirrors all around and rings with the sound of ghungroos coming from the students practicing their steps, trying to match their steps to that of the dance teacher. The child can choose from classical dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, etc. and get trained into a dancer of distinction.

The Art Room cts as an inspiration in eliciting the creative potential of the child. The drawings and paintings by international artistes strewn around the room are a guarantee by themselves to prompt the inner creative spark of the child. The colours, palettes, brushes, canvas, and skilled art instructors nurture the creativity of the child to its full potential.