Residential Life


The hostel cubicles are well- lit, well ventilated and furnished. In addition, they are temperature controlled. The Houses are supervised by House mother, who is a member of our faculty, an assistant house mother, also a member of our faculty along with a house matron, to provide a strong support to enforce rules and discipline. The chief warden keeps a close eye on the children’s welfare. Being a member of the faculty she is well aware of the students’ behavior in the school.

Pastoral care

The children are divided into various houses. Each of the houses has a house mother and an assistant house mother. It is the house mother’s task to ensure that the Vidyapeethians grow up with the right values. Drawn from among the best teachers in the faculty, the house mother ensures that every student gets proper attention. The chief warden, also drawn from the faculty ensures appropriate pastoral care. Assisted by the matrons, the house mothers and the warden ensure proper communication with the parents.