Education World Award

The annual Education World India School Rankings serve a useful socio-economic purpose to foster healthy competition among schools and initiate them to innovative teaching-learning methodology. BBV is an institution that believes in introducing new pedagogies to create active learners within classrooms.

The parameters of assessment are
  • Teacher welfare and development
  • Competence and commitment of faculty
  • Academic reputation
  • Co-curricular education
  • Sports education
  • Leadership management quality
  • Life skills education & conflict management
  • Individual attention to students
  • Parental involvement
  • Internationalism
  • Special needs education
  • Value for money
  • Community service
  • Infrastructure provision

Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani has been receiving the Education World India School Ranking Award since 2014. It has improved on the ranks from 10th in 2014, 8th in 2015, 7th in 2016 and 6th in 2018 amongst top girls’ residential school at all India level and 3rd in Rajasthan. The school is ranked top in the parameter “Community Services” amongst all Girls’ Residential Schools and ranked 9th in the parameter “Academics Reputation” amongst all Boarding Schools of India.