Literary and Cultural Activities

“If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India!”

Romaine Rolland

The houses display their creativity and talent in a two day fiesta which comprise drama, dance, music based on a particular theme. Not only do these students display unity and team work but also present these events with confidence without any involvement of teachers. They come out of their inhibitions and show that the world is their oyster. This talent is nurtured and exhibited with the help of their elected leaders. The designing of invitation cards, invocation of the lord, theme and performance all show their artistic talent, are mesmerizing and a ‘must watch’ for all.

To help the students connect with their roots and know their age old culture ‘Shloka Chanting’ is also organised which not only helps them to understand the deeper meaning of the shlokas from ‘Bhagwad Gita’ but also helps them imbibe the core values conveyed by Lord Krishna to Arjuna.

As the months roll by we mark many more special days on our calendar. Some of them are highlighted here:

  • World Dance Day: This is a jubilation that all of us are proud of. An institution that nurtures the classical forms of dance and music will celebrate this day. It is a feast for the eyes, as the talented students of Vidyapeeth , whose tinkling feet bring the nuances of Bharatnatyam and Kathak alive to an enthralled audience.
  • World Book Day: The world of books housed in a comfortable, warm Library is a dream come true for our students. Our library is a cocoon of knowledge for those wishing to emerge as butterflies. This day is celebrated through one act plays and presentation by students. We also put up a Shakespeare corner this year in honour of 400 years of the bard of Avon.
  • Teacher’s Day: The birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, is celebrated in an elegant way by our students. As the Guru- Shishya parampara is a cherished tradition in the life of Vidyapeeth, our students extend a cordial welcome to all their teachers. A tribute to Dr.Radhakrishnan is organised in the assembly. After this, the teachers steal the show with their performances while the students applaud them. The mentors of Vidyapeeth are no less versatile than their talented pupils.
  • Gandhi Jayanti: The father of our nation has a special place in the hearts of BBV. Our founder, Shri GD Birla believed in Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology. The call for “Swadeshi” gave the Birla family the impetus to serve the nation. The birthday of Mahatma Gandhi is an occasion to remember him. The children prepare commemorative speeches in remembrance of Gandhiji’s contribution to the Nation. There is a joint celebration by the BET schools and this special event is attended by all the dignitaries.
  • Mother’s day: Someone has very aptly crooned,” Mother of mine you gave to me all of my life to do as I please. Without you, mother, Where would I be? Mother, sweet mother of mine.” Celebrated worldwide this day is very special for us. It is a time to remember our mother, who gave us birth. Her blessings are sought by all our students.
  • Fresher’s day: When it’s a new beginning, we are all shy. As new girls walk into Vidyapeeth each year, we celebrate their arrival. On fresher’s day we have a party with the new girls. The mesmerizing dances, the music and the sumptuous dinner steal their hearts away.
  • Christmas day: When Santa comes to BBV its all play and no work. There’s a bonfire to sing our songs by. It’s also the end of a year. A new year will commence and we let go of the past with a robust “Ho Ho Ho.”
  • Children’s day: As Dewey once said, “Our world revolves around the child.” Call it child- centred education or pure love, each Balika is precious to us. On Pandit Nehru’s birthday we give expression to this love. We celebrate with the children the joyous exhilaration of life.
  • Janmashtami : Dulcet are the tunes of the flute when the Lord appears as a newborn. Resplendent in golden attire the blue God, once again, mesmerised us on the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami. The Vidyapeethians, each year, prepare a carnival to celebrate this sacred day. Merging creativity with heritage, yet again, we also gather in the evenings for a recitation of the Srimad Bhagwat Gita. One of our traditions, life here is all the richer at the lotus feet of the Lord.
  • Founders’ day and Basant Panchami: Each year for founders’ day , we celebrate the blessings of our founder , Shri GD Birla. A man who believed in the values of ‘simple living and high thinking’, Shri GD Birla’s inspiring presence can be felt in the humdrum of existence at BBV. A doyen of education, his vision has survived the vagaries of the times and the BET schools stand testimony to his leadership and guidance. During the auspicious day of “Basant Panchami” , we celebrate founder’s day. This day is full of gaiety, the school bursting with the colour of the marigold. We hail the name we own and vow to live up to the standards that he set for us.
  • Annual Day: A day is set in each educational institution which showcases the talents of its pupils and to test the event management skills of the mentors. This is also the prize- giving ceremony whence we toast our students’ achievements and present our toppers to the world with justifiable pride. The BBV annual show showcases the talents of our girls right from the inaugural vandana to the last dance. The Hindi play, a tradition in itself, the glamorous English play and the dances whet the cultural appetites of all those who savour it. Each year it is truly a success and all of us look forward to it.